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Memorial day is often thought of as an extra day off, but in reality it is a springtime tribute to fallen soldiers and a day of remembrance for those who have and those who continue to serve our country. Because of the men and women who fight for our freedom, we are allowed the opportunity to live in a place where we can think freely, love openly, enjoy our favorite hobbies, and spend time outdoors safely! I love the meaning and sentiment behind Memorial Day and it has always been a day for my family and I to bond outdoors and appreciate the beautiful country we live in. This year memorial day, as well as summer approaching, has inspired me to think about how we can beautify the outdoors around us! We can’t wait to show you our inspiration.


Exterior design is occasionally overlooked, but is one of our favorite aspects to helping you create your dream home. This patio design is unique, airy, and colorful, all while blending into the natural outdoor landscape. When designing for the outdoors, we want to enhance and add to the scenery surrounding your outdoor space, not distract from it. Made with bespoke materials that are resistant and durable, a patio like this enables you to create fluidity within your home and your outdoor space. Outdoor design allows you the opportunity to enjoy the connection of being one with nature, while providing you with long lasting, weather resistant, and durable outdoor pieces. From rugs to sectionals, we want to help you curate the perfect pieces for all of your summer events.


Accessories? Outdoors? YES PLEASE! No matter the environment, we love to liven up a space with accessories that add to and enhance the surrounding design. In this patio design, we added durable, stain resistant, and weather resistant outdoor pillows. Outdoor pillows can automatically spruce up any sectional, sofa, or chair, and take it to the next level. For the coffee table, we used one of our favorites, The Eastridge Coffee Table. This table is a stunning round dark grey concrete drum intricately etched. While also available for use indoors, this coffee table is an exceptional addition to your outdoor space. Atop the table is a beautiful succulent arrangement, which is the perfect tie of greenery from the incredible patio views. Head to our Instagram for more outdoor accessory inspiration this summer!


Outdoor design can be a daunting project to consider. Trust us… We can simplify it and make it enjoyable for you! If you’re to this point and wondering where to start, our patio e-design package is likely a perfect fit for you. With any of our e-design packages, we can help you create the bespoke space of your dreams. Inspired by this patio redesign and wanting to make it happen at your own home? Let’s get started!


Exterior design is just as exciting as interior design! We can create functional, weather resistant, and durable spaces to spend time with those you love, even in the snowy climates of Park City & Chicago! With spring in full swing and summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to get started on your outdoor projects, and have them ready just in time to host your best summer parties yet. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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